• Peace & Love - Cannabis Sativa

    Photo of Peace & Love - Cannabis Sativa

    Hippy Culture! The motive that speaks for itself. Now back as PEACE & LOVE on a pure 1oz silver coin in high concave relief and stunning bright colors. A low mintage that will sell out.
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  • Cannabis Sativa Shape

    Photo of Cannabis Sativa Shape

    Do you recognize the smell? Maybe one of the most famous smells. Walking through Amsterdam one will feel the smell coming from the famous coffee shops.
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  • Rosa Indica Fragrans

    Photo of Rosa Indica Fragrans

    A gift for valentine, mothersday or for any special person. This coin with a rose is suitable for any occasion.
    A silver plated PROOF coin with suberb coloring and a scent.
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  • Abies Numidica Alpine Smell

    Photo of Abies Numidica Alpine Smell

    A train through the mountains with pine trees surrounding. This coin with scent that both remembers the mountains and christmas.
    A silver plated PROOF coin with suberb coloring and a scent.
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  • Cannabis Sativa CuNiAu

    Photo of Cannabis Sativa CuNiAu

    After the big succes of the silver plated version this gold plated version makes the coin look like it comes direct from the underworld.
    Look at the year date! Seems the designer did smoke the coin?
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  • Cannabis Sativa CuNiAg

    Photo of Cannabis Sativa CuNiAg

    Do you recognize the scent? Many say they do not know but many do. Maybe one of the most famous scents of the world: Marihuana. This coin beers the smell in the color.
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