• The Kiss 3D by Klimt

    Photo of The Kiss 3D by Klimt

    THE highlights of the ANA World Fair of Money in Philadelphia: 3D Shaped The Kiss by Klimt. Ultra high relief using Smartminting technology. Just 499 pieces will be released in pure 2oz silver. A coin as unique as the real painting!
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  • Grim Reaper - The Death

    Photo of Grim Reaper - The Death

    Watch out from Grim Reaper.... for the first time ever on a coin issue by Equatorial Guinea. Smartminted high relief 1oz pure silver black proof coin. A guaranteed sold out.
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  • Totem Pole 3D

    Photo of Totem Pole 3D

    The highlight of the World Money Fair 2018 in Berlin: 3D Shaped Totem Pole. Ultra high relief using Smartminting technology. Just 499 pieces will be released in pure 2oz silver. Four totem animals are depicted: Thunderbird, Frog, Owl and Killer Whale.
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  • Royal Delft™ Peacock - Pavo Christatus

    Photo of Royal Delft™ Peacock - Pavo Christatus

    Unique concept coin with a real Royal Delft™ earthenware piece inserted. Handmade and hand painted. Ultra high relief peacock painted by the Royal Delft plus the "eye" of the feather inserted. A unique exclusive luxury coin.
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  • Haliotis Ovina - Sheep’s Ear Abalone

    Photo of Haliotis Ovina - Sheep’s Ear Abalone

    With the fifth issue we take this series to the next level. A 5th Anniversary Edition. With a 3oz (93.3gr.) weight and a mintage of just 333 pieces this is the most exclusive oyster ever. A szie of 65x51mm and 3.3mm concave relief.
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  • Hyriopsis cumingii

    Photo of Hyriopsis cumingii

    With the fourth issue there is something new! The mintage is split into 1500 pieces in pure silver and 500 pieces pure silver gilded making a premium product available with both coins together in a set.
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  • Fashion - Wedding

    Photo of Fashion - Wedding

    First coin in series which takes you into the world of fashion. A perfect gift for a wedding or any other occasion. A dress specially designed only for this coin issue. Beautifull reverse and obverse.
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  • Versaille Hall of Mirrors

    Photo of Versaille Hall of Mirrors

    First time ever partly antique finish on a silver PROOF coins. Low mintage do not miss this out!
    The Hall of Mirrors is the central gallery of the Palace of Versailles and is renowned as being one of the most famous rooms in the world.
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  • Haliotis Iris

    Photo of Haliotis Iris

    Second coin in the award winning series. With the first coin sold out in minutes it's expected this one will even succeed this succes. First coin won first prize!
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  • Amor Victorious

    Photo of Amor Victorious

    Amor Vincit Omnia "Love Conquers All" is a painting by the Italian early realist / post-Mannerist artist Caravaggio.
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  • Oyster

    Photo of Oyster

    Winner in COINS2012 exhibition, first prize category Best Technology! See photo prize.
    First coin ever shaped as an Oyster, a hologram and real pearl insert. A coin excellent for a gift to a loved one.
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  • Rosa Indica Fragrans

    Photo of Rosa Indica Fragrans

    A gift for valentine, mothersday or for any special person. This coin with a rose is suitable for any occasion.
    A silver plated PROOF coin with suberb coloring and a scent.
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  • Lady Bug in Cloisonné

    Photo of Lady Bug in Cloisonné

    Ladybird, ladybird, fly away home Your house is on fire and your children are gone All except one, and that's Little Anne For she has crept under the warming pan.
    A 25 gram silver PROOF coin with cloissone insert.
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