• The Elves

    Photo of The Elves

    First issue in a new stunning series called Fantastic Fantasy debuts with the Elves. A beautifull drawing of an Elf it her bow and arror. Smartminted on a .999 pure silver 1oz blank for ultra high relief. Partly colored and just 499 pcs released worldwide.
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  • God Quetzalcoatl

    Photo of God Quetzalcoatl

    The first issue in the most awesome God series coins. Quetzalcoatl of the Mesoamerican beliefs (Aztec/Maya). Minted in 3oz pure .999 silver on a 55mm blank using Smartminting. It gives it an ultimate high relief and added a new special antique finish with dark highlights! Only 333 pcs are released worldwide.
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  • Thor's Hammer - Mjöllnir

    Photo of Thor's Hammer - Mjöllnir

    The start of a new series first issue: Thor's Hammer Mjöllnir. Minted in ultra high relief on a piedfort blank and finished in antique. Detailed like never seen before on such a relief. Just 999 pieces are issued in pure silver.
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