Ctyrlistek 2014 Issues

This coin is part of series Ctyrlistek Cartoons

Special edition issued in cooperation with the Sberatel coin show! And two new issues featuring Myspulin & Pinda and one Fifinki & Bobik

CK1407 Ctyrlistek Sberatel 2014 Silverplated - mintage 500
CK1408 Ctyrlistek Sberatel 2014 Gold plated - mintage 250
CK1409 Ctyrlistek Sberatel 2014 1oz pure silver - mintage 100
CK1410 Ctyrlistek Pinda & Myspulin silverplated - mintage 1000
CK1411 Ctyrlistek Fifinka & Bobik silverplated - mintage 1000

Ctyrlístek (English: Four-leaf clover) is a Czech comics book continuously published since 1969 created by Jaroslav N?me?ek. In the 1980 an average edition contained about 220 000 prints and became one of the most popular comics book for children in the Czechoslovakia.

Licensed product
Colored coin
Low mintage
Limited 100 mintage set
Available at Sberatel show

Art.-No CK1407-11 Metal Copper / Silver
Country Cook Islands Fineness Ag&Au Plated / .999 Ag
Year 2014 Weight 25 gr. / 31.1 (1oz)
Face Value 1 Dollar / 5 Dollars Diameter 38
Quality PROOF Mintage 1000 pcs / 50 pcs / 50 pcs
Special Features Colored coin.
Scope of Delivery Capsule and certificate.
Sberatel goldplated and 1oz pure silver only avialalbe in Sberatel sets (100 3 coin sets, 150 2 coin sets).
Availability Issued

Sberatel CuAg Reverse    
Sberatel CuAg Obverse    
Sberatel CuAu Reverse    
Sberatel CuAu Obverse    
Fifinka & Bobik Reverse    
Fifinka & Bobik Obverse    
Myspulin & Pinda Reverse    
Myspulin & Pinda Obverse    
Sberatel Silver Reverse    
Sberatel Silver Obverse    
2 Coin Box    
3 Coin Box    

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