10th Crusade: The Last Crusader

This coin is part of series History of the Crusades

After the 10th Crusade there were just some minor crusades left as the spirit of crusading was finished. Increasing Muslim victories and Christian defeats led to the end of the Crusades.

The crusade series will continue with 5 new upcoming coins of the northern crusades. Stay tuned; this isn't the end.

The 10th Crusade is also called the Alexandrian Crusade. The brief Alexandrian Crusade, also called the sack of Alexandria, occurred in October 1365 and was led by Peter I of Cyprus against Alexandria in Egypt. Relatively devoid of religious impetus, it differs from the more prominent Crusades in that it seems to have been motivated largely by economic interests.

Key Selling Points:
Highly detailed coins with common obverse on all coin
Subscription schema possible
Antique finish which makes the coin very interesting to see

Art.-No CK1703 Metal Silver
Country Cook Islands Fineness .925
Year 2017 Weight 25 gr.
Face Value 5 Dollars Diameter 38.61 mm
Quality Antique Mintage 1'000 pcs
Special Features Antique finish
Scope of Delivery Capsule, certificate and box.
Availability Issued

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