Rhinoceros Noir

Cameroon 2010 1500 Francs Rhinoceros Noir Silver Coin

Series of coins dedicated to rare wildlife. Species that exist in the wild under 1000 individuals.
The Black Rhinoceros or Hook-lipped Rhinoceros (Diceros bicornis), is a species of rhinoceros, native to the eastern and central areas of Africa including Kenya, Tanzania, Cameroon, South Africa, Namibia, Zimbabwe, and Angola. Although the Rhino is referred to as black, it is actually more of a grey/brown/white color in appearance.

Key selling points

  • Heavy 2oz silver coin
  • Interesting special features
  • Animal motive
  • Low mintage

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Article IDCM1001
Face Value1500 Francs
Weight2 oz (62.2 g)
Diameter42x42 mm
Mintage999 pcs.
Scope of DeliveryCapsule, Box / Case, Certificate of Authenticity
Special FeaturesRuthenium-plated

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