Cats & Dogs – AI•NIMALS

AI•NIMALS Cats and Dogs Cameroon 2025 1oz Pure Silver Coins colored

NumisCollect is proud to have taken the role as worldwide distributor for this revolutionary coin series! Discover AI•NIMALS Cats & Dogs: Where Furry Companions Take the Lead! Our innovative coin prints showcase cats and dogs in extraordinary human roles, from purr-fectly professional to doggedly determined. Whether it’s a feline DJ or a canine astronaut, each design radiates charm and humor and is minted with precision in pure silver. Step into a world where animals reign supreme in the workplace. Enhance your coin collection with a touch of whimsy and embrace the limitless possibilities of AI•NIMALS. Get the Cats & Dogs collection, the first in the AI•NIMALS series, now at your nearest modern coin dealer as just 199 pieces per motive are released.

Coin description

The reverse of the coin an electronic circuit board around the main image with paws as connection points. At the bottom the series name “AI•NIMALS” and the name for the first collection “CATS & DOGS” is written.

The obverse side of the coin depicts the unique Coat of Arms for Cameroon. Surrounding the coat of arms there are various images of cats & dogs and their paws. The coat of arms has the inscriptions: “REPUBLIQUE DU CAMEROUN” (country of issue), “2025” (the year of issue) and “1000 FRANCS CFA” (the face value).

Background information

Cats, with their enigmatic charm and graceful movements, captivate the hearts of many. Their independent nature juxtaposes their affectionate side, making them intriguing companions. From their elegant grooming rituals to their playful antics, cats weave a tapestry of mystery and warmth in our lives, often claiming a special place in our homes and hearts.

Dogs, the epitome of loyalty and boundless energy, bring joy and companionship to countless households. Their unwavering devotion and infectious enthusiasm for life create an enduring bond with their human counterparts. Whether frolicking in the park or curled up at our feet, dogs exemplify unwavering loyalty and unconditional love, enriching our lives with their exuberance and companionship.

Article numbers per issue:
DJ Cat CM2501, Pirate Cat CM2502, Firefighter Cat CM2503, Kung Fu Cat CM2504, Hacker Cat CM2505
Detective Dog CM2506, Astronaut Dog CM2507, Maffia Banker Dog CM2508, Pilot Dog CM2509, Police Dog CM2510

Key selling points

  • Unique innovative designing
  • Limited to 199 pcs. per motive
  • Special coat of arms
  • Including individual blister pack and numbered certificate

Image gallery

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Article IDCM2501-2510
Face Value1000 Francs
Weight1 oz (31.1 g)
Diameter40 mm
Mintage199 pcs.
Scope of DeliveryCapsule, Certificate of Authenticity, Blister pack
Special FeaturesClassic Style, Coloured

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