Voyagers Thirst for Discovery Black Proof – Time Flies

Palau 2021 10 Dollars Voyagers Thirst for Discovery Black Proof - Time Flies series silver proof coin

The ‘Exploration; Voyagers Thirst for Discovery’ coin is back in a black PROOF issue and completes the regular proof version in the ‘Time flies’ series. The impossible has been made possible using the enhanced Smartminting©️ technology and brings human-crewed space flights on Mars to life but also the past. The coin has a black PROOF finish and is struck on a 2 oz pure silver 45mm blank in the highest quality. It has a limited mintage of only 99 pcs worldwide and comes in a beautiful box with a Certificate of Authenticity. Complete your collection with this special limited edition black PROOF version of the sold out silver version.

Coin description

The reverse of the coin depicts Columbus’ first landfall in the Americas with his ships in the back at the end of the 15th century. 

The obverse side of the coin depicts the exploration and settlement of human-crewed space flights to Mars in our future, together with the Coat of Arms with Queen Elizabeth II and the inscriptions: “COOK ISLANDS” (the issuing country), “2021” (the year of issue) and “10 DOLLARS” (the face value).

Background information

Christopher Columbus was an Italian explorer who made four trips across the Atlantic Ocean from Spain. He left Castile with three ships at the end of the 15th century for his first trip and made landfall in the Americas a couple of months later. His purpose was to find a direct water route from Europe to Asia, but his landing place was an island in the Bahamas. Columbus’ journey marks the beginning of centuries of exploration and colonization of North and South America.

Mars is the fourth rock from the sun, just after earth. The minimum distance from Earth to Mars is about 33.9 million miles. The planet Mars has been explored remotely by spacecraft, beginning in the late 20th century. The purpose of these missions is to collect data about the conditions on Mars and to investigate the possibilities for human-crewed space flights to Mars. More knowledge about this red planet could also provide more insight into our earth’s history. NASA is hoping to land the first humans on Mars by the 2030s.

Key selling points

  • Smartminting©️
  • Special Obverse with titled coat of arms
  • Ultra fine detailed high relief
  • Best black PROOF quality
  • Tiny mintage of just 99 pcs

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Article IDCK2109
CountryCook Islands
Face Value10 Dollars
Weight2 oz (62.2 g)
Diameter45 mm
QualityBlack Proof
Mintage99 pcs.
Scope of DeliveryCapsule, Box / Case, Certificate of Authenticity
Special FeaturesSmartminting©, Black Proof
Sold out at NumisCollect

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