The Milky Way – Space the Final Frontier

Palau 2021 20 Dollars The Milky Way - Space the Final Frontier silver black proof coin

The ‘Milky Way’ coin is the 2nd release in the ‘Space; the Final Frontier’ series. The impossible has been made possible using the enhanced Smartminting©️ technology and brings the Milky Way to life. The coin has a black PROOF finish with color and is struck on large 65mm diameter 3 oz pure silver blank in the highest quality. A limited mintage of only 333 pcs worldwide and comes in a beautiful box with Certificate of Authenticity. Get this 2nd issue now at your local coin dealer and add it to your collection before they are sold out.

Coin description

The coin’s reverse depicts the complete Milky Way with its center and arms. Minted in relief with the sinus shaped arms in high relief giving it a 3D effect. It’s coloured almost completely in a way that it looks like you’re looking at the Milky Way from a space ship. It has just the inscription: “2021” at the bottom (the year of issue).

The obverse side of the coin depicts a special Coat of Arms of the Republic of Palau with the inscriptions: “REPUBLIC OF PALAU” (the issuing country) and “20$” (the face value) at the bottom. At the top edge the series inscription ‘SPACE * THE FINAL FRONTIER’. It is decorated with a central part representing the speed of light and surrounded by all kinds of space related ornaments.

Background information

The Milky Way is one of the many galaxies in the universe. It is the one with our solar system with our planet earth. It is a so called barred spiral galaxy with a diameter of up to 200.000 light-years. We, our solar system, is approximate 27.000 light-years from the center. One light-year is 9.46 trillion kilometers or 5.88 trillion miles.

The Milky Way can be seen as a hazy band of light in the night sky. This is also from which the name is derived: Via Lactea in Latin or Galaktikos Kyklos in Greek which means ‘milky circle’. With the naked eye one cannot see the individual starts but in 1610 Galileo Galilei did. For 300 years it was believed the Milky Way was the whole universe but in the 20th century it was Edwin Hubble who showed it is just one of many.

Key selling points

  • Minted with Smartminting technology
  • Black proof with color
  • Unique subject; and the full milky way on a coin
  • Unique Palau coat of arms
  • Very limited mintage just 333 pcs

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Article IDPW2104
Face Value20 Dollars
Weight3 oz (93.3 g)
Diameter65 mm
QualityBlack Proof
Mintage333 pcs.
Scope of DeliveryCapsule, Box / Case, Certificate of Authenticity
Special FeaturesSmartminting©, Black Proof, Coloured
Sold out at NumisCollect

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