• Fashion - Wedding

    Photo of Fashion - Wedding

    First coin in series which takes you into the world of fashion. A perfect gift for a wedding or any other occasion. A dress specially designed only for this coin issue. Beautifull reverse and obverse.
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  • Mary Celeste

    Photo of Mary Celeste

    Ghost ships. What happened with them, why are they seen? This stunning series features the most famous ones starting with Mary Celeste.
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  • Cave of Tadrart "Elephant"

    Photo of Cave of Tadrart

    Deep in the Tadrart Acacus you will find rock art paintings of diverse African animals dating back thousands of years ago.
    This coin shows one of the big five: the Elephant. Painting thousands of years ago it still survives today.
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  • Cave of Chauvet "Cats"

    Photo of Cave of Chauvet

    Our anchesters made these beautifull paintings thousands of years ago. They hold the secrets of the past.
    Part of the prehistoric art series this coin has a small part of everyones history in it. Discover now your past through this series of coins.
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