• Northern Crusades: Livonian Crusade

    Photo of Northern Crusades: Livonian Crusade

    The highly succesful series continues after 10 issues now with the 1st issue of the Northern Crusades. Now issued in stunning smartminting relief on a 1oz PURE silver blank. With details never seen before in this series; make sure not to miss out this issue.
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  • 10th Crusade: The Last Crusader

    Photo of 10th Crusade: The Last Crusader

    After the 10th crusade there weren't any new major crusades. Increasing Muslim victories and Christian defeats led to the end of the Crusades.
    It's not the end! The series continues with 5 coins of the northern crusades. Stay tuned!
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  • 9th Crusade: Edward I of England

    Photo of 9th Crusade: Edward I of England

    The ninth crusade issue in this stunning series. Sometimes grouped with the 8th crusade said to be the last leading crusade. This 9th issue in the Crusaders series will be another interesting historical coin.
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