• Royal Delft™ Peacock - Pavo Christatus

    Photo of Royal Delft™ Peacock - Pavo Christatus

    Unique concept coin with a real Royal Delft™ earthenware piece inserted. Handmade and hand painted. Ultra high relief peacock painted by the Royal Delft plus the "eye" of the feather inserted. A unique exclusive luxury coin.
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  • Ctyrlistek 2015 Issues

    Photo of Ctyrlistek 2015 Issues

    A new issue with all 4 characters in an UFO. Issued only 50 pieces of goldplated and 1oz .999 silver in a set. The lowest mintage today on these coins.
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  • Royal Delft™ Dutch East India Company

    Photo of Royal Delft™ Dutch East India Company

    Unique concept coin with a real Royal Delft™ porcelain piece inserted. The piece is handmade and hand painted. The motive Dutch East India Company is related to the Netherlands and from the same time period as the Royal Delft™ started.
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  • Fashion - Wedding

    Photo of Fashion - Wedding

    First coin in series which takes you into the world of fashion. A perfect gift for a wedding or any other occasion. A dress specially designed only for this coin issue. Beautifull reverse and obverse.
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  • Ctyrlistek Sberatel

    Photo of Ctyrlistek Sberatel

    The fifth coin in the Ctyrlistek cartoon series. The coin is only available at the Sberatel coin show in Prague from 5-7 September 2013. Visit the show to purchase this coin.
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  • Ctyrlistek Friends

    Photo of Ctyrlistek Friends

    ?ty?lístek (English: Four-leaf clover) is a Czech comics book continuously published since 1969 created by Jaroslav N?me?ek. In the 1980 an average edition contained about 220 000 prints and became one of the most popular comics book for children in the Czechoslovakia.
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