Meteorite - Moon - Apollo 8 & 11 50th Anniversary Edition

This coin is part of series Meteorites

After the big succes of the 2017 Moon edition the series continues with a special edition. 50 years ago Apollo 8 was the first manned spacecraft to leave earths orbit. Apollo 9 brought the first person to the moon 50 years ago. Just 99 pieces are released of each!

Key Selling Points:

Heavy 3oz silver coin
Interesting special features
Most awesome meteorite coin ever
Low mintage; just 99 pcs each
New unique coloring technique
Ultra high relief minted in lens form

Art.-No CK1810-CK1903 Metal Silver
Country Cook Islands Fineness .999
Year 2018 & 2019 Weight 2x 3 oz (93.3 grams)
Face Value 2x 20 Dollars Diameter 65 mm
Quality Antique Mintage 2x 99 pcs.
Special Features This coin simply has it all: ultra high relief detailed as never before, color glass inlay, coloring, antique finish, moon meteorite insert.
Scope of Delivery Capsule, box and numbered certificate.
Availability Issued

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