This coin is part of series Egyptian Art 3D

Anubis is the 3rd issue in the series with Tutankhamun (shortlisted for COTY award) and Nefertiti already issued. This time with special Obsidian Black and gilding. Ultra high relief using Smartminting technology. Just 333 pieces will be released in pure 3oz silver.

Anubis or Inpu, Anpu in Ancient Egyptian is the Greek name of the god of death, mummification, embalming, the afterlife, cemeteries, tombs, and the Underworld, in ancient Egyptian religion, usually depicted as a canine or a man with a canine head. Archeologists have identified Anubis's sacred animal as an Egyptian canid, the African golden wolf. Anubis was depicted in black, a color that symbolized regeneration, life, the soil of the Nile River, and the discoloration of the corpse after embalming. Anubis is associated with his brother Wepwawet, another Egyptian god portrayed with a dog's head or in canine form, but with grey or white fur. Historians assume that the two figures were eventually combined. Anubis' female counterpart is Anput. His daughter is the serpent goddess Kebechet.

Key Selling Points:
Egypt god
3D Shaped coin - smart minting
Ultra high relief
Special box included
Low mintage

Art.-No PW2003 Metal Silver - gilded & Obsidian Black
Country Palau Fineness .999
Year 2020 Weight approx. 3oz
Face Value 20 Dollars Diameter 65 mm
Quality BU Mintage 333 pcs.
Special Features High relief (smartminting) in real shape of the head
Scope of Delivery Certificate and beautiful special box.
Availability TBC (ask us)

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This coin is part of the Egyptian Art 3D series.
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