Aplysina Fistularis

This coin is part of series Coral Protection

Yellow tube sponges get their name from their hollow, chimney-like body form. They pump huge quantities of water through their bodies, filtering out the tiny particles on which they feed. At shallow depths yellow tube sponges have a shape which resembles a cactus. In deeper waters, the sponges develop long, straight tubes. Their vivid yellow colour is probably due to special fluorescent pigments in the sponge tissue.

Key Selling Points:
First coin oversold
Actual theme in nature protection
Beautiful coins and designs

Art.-No TV1102 Metal Silver
Country Tuvalu Fineness .925
Year 2011 Weight oz.
Face Value 1 Dollar Diameter 35 mm
Quality PROOF Mintage 1'000 pcs.
Special Features Partly colored
Scope of Delivery Capsule, box and certificate
Availability Issued



This coin is part of the Coral Protection series.
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