Saker Falcon

Mongolia 2015 250 Tugrik Saker Falcon Silver Coin

The saker falcon (Falco cherrug) is a very large falcon. Saker falcons have brown upperbellies and contrasting grey flight feathers. The head and underparts are paler brown, with streaking from the breast down. Males (called sakrets in falconry) and females are similar, as are young birds, although these tend to be a duller brown. The call is a sharp kiy-ee.

Key selling points

  • Partly colored
  • Colorful box included
  • Low mintage
  • Mongolian issue

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Article IDMN1501
Face Value250 Tugrik
Weight1/2 oz (15.5 g)
Diameter38.61 mm
Mintage1000 pcs.
Scope of DeliveryCapsule, Box / Case, Certificate of Authenticity
Special FeaturesColoured

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