Tutankhamun’s Mask 100th Ann. Edition – Egyptian Art 3D

Palau 2022 20 Dollars Tutankhamun's Mask 100th Anniversary 3oz silver coin

The ‘Anubis’ coin is the 4th issue in the ‘Egyptian Art 3D’ series. The impossible has been made possible using the enhanced Smartminting©️ technology to mint the mask in it’s true shape. The coin is fully gilded and partially colored in original colors. It’s struck on a 3 oz pure .999 silver 65mm blank in the highest quality. It has a limited mintage of only 222 pcs (2022 minus the 0) worldwide and comes in a beautiful box with a Certificate of Authenticity. A great coin for an Egyptian themed collection or for any art lover. Do not miss this 4th issue and get it at your local modern coin dealer.

Coin description

The coin’s reverse depicts the appearance of Tutankhamun’s Mask in in true 3D form. Fully gilded as the original mask plus partially colored in original colors.

The obverse side of the coin depicts the standard Coat of Arms of the Republic of Palau with the inscriptions: “TUTANKHAMUN” (the name), “2022” (the year of issue), “REPUBLIC OF PALAU” (the issuing country) and “20$” (the face value).

Background information

Tutankhamun’s mask was discovered in 1925 in a tomb, which was discovered in 1922, in the Valley of the Kings located in Egypt. The mask is covered in gold and paint, serving as the death mask for the late Tutankhamun, the ancient Egyptian Pharaoh of the 18th Dynasty.

Tutankhamun, also referred to as King Tut was the last Pharaoh in his family to rule during the 18th Dynasty. He took the throne at only eight (or nine) years. Tutankhamun married to Ankhesenamun, his parental half-sister. In his reign, Tutankhamun restored the Ancient Egyptian religion which had previously been dissolved by his father. However, despite his accomplishments, Tutankhamun was severely disabled and is theorized to have a multitude of different medical conditions. The discovery of Tutankhamun’s grave, along with the Mask has been one of the biggest and most important discoveries regarding the ancient Egyptians.

Key selling points

  • Egyptian theme
  • 3D Shaped coin – Smartminting©️
  • Ultra high relief
  • Partially colored
  • Low mintage 222 pcs.

Image gallery

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Article IDPW2206
Face Value20 Dollars
MetalSilver gilded
Weight3 oz (93.3 g)
Diameter65 mm
QualitySilk Finish
Mintage222 pcs.
Scope of DeliveryCapsule, Box / Case, Certificate of Authenticity
Special FeaturesSmartminting©, Coloured, Gold-plated, Special Shape, 3D Technology
Sold out at NumisCollect

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