COTY 2021 Nominated Coins

NumisCollect is thrilled to announce that three coins have been nominated in three different categories for the COTY 2021 awards. The Coin of the Year are the most prestigious awards in the industry. It is the 38th annual awards program this time honouring 2019 issued coins. There have been submitted several hundreds coins from over 45 countries. In total 100 made it to the nominated coins in 10 categories.

Palau the Poppy – Nominated for best artistic coin

The 2019 Palau issued coin ‘the Poppy’ is nominated in the category for best artistic coin. The coin depicts a high relief poppy with at the bottom small soldiers hinting at those that have fallen. It is a 2oz pure silver coin, 5 Dollars, 38.61mm and with a limited mintage of just 999 pieces. Click here for the full description.

Benin Peace & Love – Nominated for most inspirational coin

The 2019 Benin issued coin ‘ Peace & Love’ is nominated for the most inspirational coin of 2019. It celebrates the hippy culture of the 60′ and 70′ with a large V-sign in the middle. Coloured in the typical colours of the movement. It is a 1oz pure silver coin, 1000 Francs, 38.61mm and has a limited mintage of just 999 pieces. Click here for the full description.

Cook Islands Yucatan Crater – Nominated for most innovative coin

The 2019 Cook Islands Yucatan Crater – Dinosaur Extinction is nominated for the most innovative coin of 2019. It is dedicated to the extinction event of the dinosaurs. Its believed the impact crater is at todays Yucatan, Mexico which crater is on the coin. A glass inlay at the bottom of the crater, with the blue water and green land. An actual meteorite from the same area is inserted. The special coat of arms has a meteorite falling and a huge T-Rex as well. It is a 3oz pure silver coin, 20 Dollars, 65mm and a limited edition of just 333 pcs. Click here for the full description.

NumisCollect looks forward to future competitions. This challenges us to get better and make even more apricated coins in the future! The thank everyone who has voted for this coins and of course all the people who have added this coin to their collection.

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